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Our  Experiences


Themed Awakenings

Day Play salons that help unlock breakthroughs within yourself.

I AM Game Play assists you to embody your potential and core superpowers and break blocks that are holding you back. 


Beautiful Exotic Retreat Experiences

Multi-day Transformational Immersions with Luxury Accommodations hosted by World Leaders in Transformation.

Week-long adventures designed to create empowerment, freedom, playfulness, creativity, and self expression - resulting in deep connections, emotional catharsis, inner truth, and personal and professional awakening.



The I AM COLLECTIVE is a tribe  dedicated to personal and collective transformation. 

A space to become aware of yourself, receive support from others, and a place to offer your own mastery, reflections and gifts.


iam mastermind 

Costa Rica

Feb 25th - Mar 4th

Retreat experiences offer an immersive environment optimized for self-discovery and personal development, interpersonal connection, authentic expression, skill and virtue upgrades, co-creative alliance building and playful cultivation of your core superpowers. 

Attendees enter a week-long ‘choose your own’ adventures. Interactive Quest-based experiences are designed to create empowerment, freedom, playfulness, creativity, and self expression - resulting in deep connections, emotional catharsis, inner truth, and personal awakening.

  • 4 days at Punta Mona Eco-Resort

  • Private Jet to Envision

  • Full access to Envision Festival

  • Private Envision Camp 

  • Enrollment in I AM Reality Game 

  • Evolved Life Masterminds

  • Expert Panels on Sustainability, Human Development, Transformative Business Culture, Relationships and Community

  • Unlock breakthroughs within yourself while experiencing the most epic  journey of playful realization;

  • I AM Game Play assists you to embody infinite potential and core superpowers;

  • DJ's, Bonfires, Play Zones, Treehouses, Yoga, Workshops, Beautiful Beaches, Tea-houses, Shamanic Circles, Rejuvenation Lounges. and more; 

  • Tribal "Mentor~Mastery" support system helps others rally to support you overcoming your biggest life blocks;

  • Shine and Share your Superpowers in full authentic expression; 

  • Magic Quest Narrative carries you through a "hero's journey experience";

  • "Choose your own adventure" explorations mapped to the environment and key experiences;

  • Experience Alice in Wonderland meets Jungian Archetypal explorations.

 I AM --Immersion 2019 -- HiGHLIGHTS

I AM at the PLAYA!

Gamified Awakening
Playa Personal Awakening Quests
Collective Catharsis
Sexy & Mysterious Quests offered and received across the Playa!


Corporate & Organizational Events

Gamified immersive team experiences designed for team building, aligned skill and values development and evolved leadership frameworks.

I AM HOME Activations 

Ready to activate your home?

Inquire about our in-home activation kits; connect with us to learn more about how to turn your gatherings into the most exciting, inspired and personally empowering  ones in town. 

Festivals & Immersive Events

We play big! We co-create and produce major immersive events that lead participants on cinematic hero's journeys through various realms of inner-development.

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