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Elevating the human experience through connecting people to their core genius and fullest potential in an immersive world game designed for self realization and human transformation.

Our  Experiences


Themed Awakenings

Day Play salons that help unlock breakthroughs within yourself.

I AM Game Play assists you to embody your potential and core superpowers and break blocks that are holding you back. 


Beautiful Exotic Retreat Experiences

Multi-day Transformational Immersions with Luxury Accommodations hosted by World Leaders in Transformation.

Week-long adventures designed to create empowerment, freedom, playfulness, creativity, and self expression - resulting in deep connections, emotional catharsis, inner truth, and personal and professional awakening.



The I AM COLLECTIVE is a tribe  dedicated to personal and collective transformation. 

A space to become aware of yourself, receive support from others, and a place to offer your own mastery, reflections and gifts.


iam mastermind 

Costa Rica

Feb 25th - Mar 4th

Retreat experiences offer an immersive environment optimized for self-discovery and personal development, interpersonal connection, authentic expression, skill and virtue upgrades, co-creative alliance building and playful cultivation of your core superpowers. 

Attendees enter a week-long ‘choose your own’ adventures. Interactive Quest-based experiences are designed to create empowerment, freedom, playfulness, creativity, and self expression - resulting in deep connections, emotional catharsis, inner truth, and personal and professional awakening.

  • 4 days at Punta Mona Eco-Resort

  • Private Jet to Envision

  • Full access to Envision Festival

  • Private Envision Camp 

  • Enrollment in I AM Reality Game 

  • Evolved Life Masterminds

  • Expert Panels on Sustainability, Human Development, Transformative Business Culture, Relationships and Community

  • Unlock breakthroughs within yourself while experiencing the most epic  journey of playful realization;

  • I AM Game Play assists you to embody infinite potential and core superpowers;

  • DJ's, Bonfires, Play Zones, Treehouses, Yoga, Workshops, Beautiful Beaches, Tea-houses, Shamanic Circles, Rejuvenation Lounges. and more; 

  • Tribal "Mentor~Mastery" support system helps others rally to support you overcoming your biggest life blocks;

  • Shine and Share your Superpowers in full authentic expression; 

  • Magic Quest Narrative carries you through a "hero's journey experience";

  • "Choose your own adventure" explorations mapped to the environment and key experiences;

  • Experience Alice in Wonderland meets Jungian Archetypal explorations.

  • Co-Create evolved narratives and social architectural structures for humankind with an incredible tribe of solutionaries.

 I AM --Immersion 2019 -- HiGHLIGHTS

I AM at the PLAYA!

Gamified Awakening
Playa Personal Awakening Quests
Collective Catharsis
Sexy & Mysterious Quests offered and received across the Playa!


Corporate & Organizational Events

Gamified immersive team experiences designed for team building, aligned skill and values development and evolved leadership frameworks.

I AM HOME Activations 

Ready to activate your home?

Inquire about our in-home activation kits; connect with us to learn more about how to turn your gatherings into the most exciting, inspired and personally empowering  ones in town. 

Festivals & Immersive Events

We play big! We co-create and produce major immersive events that lead participants on cinematic hero's journeys through various realms of inner-development (AR/VR-enabled when relevant).

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