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redesigning social networking to support distributed human evolution.


IAMWEARE is your personal discovery "fitbit" and "life compass," self mastery assistant, life coach, distributed social network & value exchange marketplace ... all wrapped into one intuitively playful package.

This breakthrough social mobile platform is designed to increase and enhance:

1) personal discovery &  growth
2) human potential development 
3) meaningful social connection

4) core human value exchange

5) distributed life learning

Synchronously and asynchronously online and in-person in your daily life.



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The IAMWEARE Platform provides support to  assist you in discovering yourself.  The parts of you that you see and seek to improve or embody mastery in.  The parts of you that can't yet see.


It helps you realize the highest vision of yourself by providing evergreen content and experience support, alongside a global tribe of aligned people, to get you there.


IAMWEARE cultivates key social connections, and real-time freelance value exchange opportunities, to empower the actualization of your full potential and core life purpose.

Our unique 'life match algorithms'    allow each member to easily discover, develop, actualize and monetize their skills, virtues, passions, and gifts.

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